Nima’s Story

When Nima Arghandabi was 16 years old, he joined the Afghan Mujaheddin and spent the following decade fighting the Soviet Union with an AK-47 and an RPG.

A decade later, having fled death threats from the Taliban, the new Millenium finds Nima and his family as refugees in London trying to build a new life for themselves. When 9/11 happens and then leads to the invasion of Afghanistan, Nima finds himself unable to resist the call of his country and returns home once again, this time not to fight but to try to build the lasting peace that has evaded both his country and his family.

You can see the whole film in two parts via this link:


Nima’s Story (21mins, 2007)

Filmed, Produced & Directed by Rajesh Thind

An OpenCircuit Production for Al-Jazeera English ‘Witness’ Strand